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So I had two cases in two different parts of the country that got me started on this.” For the first two years starting in 2014 Mc Loughlin gave away his books to anyone who would read them.

“And the reason Rotherham has become emblematic and distinct is that Rotherham by accident had a private organization working for the local government called Risky Business.

And what it did was ask these victims for details of who was doing these horrible things to them.” The private agency built case files and took them to police.

In 2010 I met another family,” Mc Loughlin told WND.

I don’t have any children myself and this is the last thing I ever thought I would do is write a book about this subject,” he said. I didn’t want people to say I was trying to capitalize on this problem so I spent two years writing this book with the purpose of wanting to preserve for future generations the record of what happened. “The idea that a country would welcome immigrants, offer them every sort of benefit and rights, in some ways superior rights to its own citizens, and then to stand by and let them organize the baiting and prostitution of school girls is just outrageous.

It’s a cover-up.” Between 19 there was virtually no mention in the British media of the problem with grooming gangs.

“One of the things that struck me was that people could deny this was going on when there was no information available,” Mc Loughlin said.

“So there are indications police officers were involved in the pimping out and exploitation of the girls,” Mc Loughlin said.