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(NT) -- Good luck, Tue, Oct 31 2017, " Contact a few schools near you and see which one your child likes the most.

(NT) -- .., Fri, Oct 27 2017, " As a senior dancer I used the tanning mousse more than the spray and personally it looks so much better anyway (NT) -- I havenever heard of a teacher saying you have to have a ''spray'' you just need to have the tan, Fri, Oct 27 2017, " My original post didn't say don't use tan. It's just the parents who don't care that will be the ones suing everyone when their child gets cancer. (NT) -- .., Mon, Oct 30 2017, " Topical absorption, depending on the makeup of the cream, will not enter the bloodstream, whereas your lungs, the surface of your eyes and tongue provide a direct route to your bloodstream.

(NT) -- Not as basic as you think., Mon, Nov 06 2017, " Has there been any word on whether senior ladies 23&O will dance slip jig or reel next year?

Posts that will also be removed include "who's the best" posts, posts that mention names in a way that would embarrass someone or other people's private business.

Please do not post anything about someone that you would not like to see posted about yourself.

I don’t understand if you can avoid it why you wouldn’t.

It annoys me that all teachers what this pageant queen look which has nothing to do with Irish dancing.

Let's not learn from science and bring back smoking inside public venues at the same time, apparently smoking is good for you and kills the germs in your lungs.

Let's all light up inside the next feis and see how that works for everyone. , Fri, Oct 27 2017, " Not all chemicals are classed as carcinogens.

(NT) -- If only adults can behave the same on this forum., Tue, Nov 07 2017, " actually one comment on the one mentioned above isnt necessary as its not nice and they certainly are not in a position to judge this lovely dancer, would they like to read that about themselves and why not say who you are if its just harmless fun! , Tue, Nov 07 2017, " Not sure what comment you are talking about.

I have read nothing to be concerned about (NT) -- There have been no rude comments about dancers that i have seen.

Please feel free to ask questions, give advice and generally chat about anything to do with Irish dance. * Australian Irish Dancing Association New South Wales * Queensland * South Australia * Victoria * AIDA Australia * **To visit the 2nd Hand Irish Dance Shoes/ Australia Message Board**click here** * Swoose Irish Dance Photography & Live Feis Commentary instagram accounts doing questions on dancers at the moment seem to be a big thing, but this is not on mentioning other dancers and your opinion of them.