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I f Portland was such a sucky place it would not have the enormous growth it has had in the last 10 years.

How can you make friends if you catergorize people so readily (portlanders are al hipsters etc etc.

I was born and raised here in portland now live right outside of it.

When my employer at the time announced they were closing the Colorado office and relocating most employees to Portland, Oregon I actually looked forward to it.

I'd long been thinking about moving to a new city just to try it out and several people told me I'd like Portland.

I've been in Portland for two years, and I am moving next summer to a more affordable, politically enlightened place.

It is difficult for me to think of Portland as enlightened, when schools are shutting down for lack of funding, and there are no sliding fee scale health clinics for the uninsured. When I move here, I naively thought that the city had a social consciousness, but soon discovered a serious apathy problem concerning social problems. mc says: The best thing about Portland is if you get stuck on the wrong road there is usally no way to turn around for at least a good 3-5 miles.

The people suck, the weather sucks, the g'ment really sucks.

One of the most beautiful area of the country has been ruined by a bunch of liberal neanderthals. Agreed says: Ive never lived in a city where drivers caused "accidents" by going down the WRONG side of the freeway. Though I don't want to mention in this email where I think is a better place to live because I don't want the citizens from the People's Republic of Oregon taking it over.

Take last Sunday when we got less than 1/8 inch of snow and the traffic slowed to 15 mph and people started putting chaines on.

juryout says: All of you "liber'allies" that move here without jobs are the ones that drive the taxes and cost of living up here.

I've been to Montana it's a beautiful state maybe we can start sending everyone there.