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Adult singles dating steward illinois

Linda Buckman wrote the following: Large number of eagles seen this week on Illinois side of Mississippi below the Jefferson Barracks Bridge in South St. Brenda Jordan wrote the following: There was a large group of birds (mostly seagulls) flying around over the Fox River in Elgin between Chicago St. Otis Bigley wrote the following: Two at Savanna Army Depot; one perched, one flying; surprised not to see more.

Leslee Cohen wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle flying in Deerfield IL on Waukegan Road at Central Avenue at 2pm today.

It flew into a tree, then sat there devouring a squirrel for over 45 minutes before I had to tear myself away. One of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.

Lynn Hart wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle with at least a 6 foot wingspan flying over a field near Wishop and Meridian Rds while on my way to pick up my son at Hononegah High School about pm today. On the third day I was lucky enough to see the one catch a fish just off a island called "Strawberry Island" on the eastern side of the lake.

By the time I got to the bridge in Rockton, she (I believe) was flying up the river toward me and the mate was in a tree. Martin Powers wrote the following: Jan 2 2016 I was amazed to see a bald eagle for the first time 1 mile from where I grew up in Campton Hills i L. The eagle stayed for about 45 minutes before leaving and flying South.

David Ward wrote the following: Tampier Lake Palos, Illinois.

3 Bald Eagles at pm 10-23-16Scott Adams wrote the following: My kid looked up at a tree where several crows were cawing and swooping and said there is a bald eagle. It was at the top of a tree on an alley on the 7300 block of North Western Avenue (east side of Western), Chicago IL. Eventually it got tired of the crowd and flew away.

On 1/17/16 we saw two on the north side - one in a tree and one flying over the river.

Terree Emrich wrote the following: 1-10-16 Just saw a bald eagle in Walrose Estates, Woodstock IL.

Larger spotted in air, flying towards trees in the Salt Creek nature preserve.

~6 ft wingspan, very white for and aft with dark brown body seen @ 30 feet. Nancy schonberg wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle on Sunday 12-4-16 flying along Willow Rd near Sunset Ridge in Northfield IL.

Amazing to see something like that in the middle of town! had my dad with me and at the same time both said bald eagles!