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Adult truckers video chat

I drive a big rig to deliver all the cool stuff that you want and need. When finished, we get our bills signed and wait for our next load to pop up on our satellite system. Our schedule is wonkier than Willie’s chocolate factory.

This had — in a different form many years ago — happened before.

The dress code was simple: shoes, bikini bottoms and a smile.“It’s kind of like this,” Black recalled last month.

“If you have a banjo player coming to the center of town and start playing the banjo, everyone’s going to come.”The circus didn’t truly come to town until three months after Debbie’s opened its doors. ”The shop itself was no bigger than a Mc Donald's, Cook said, with stools, mirrored ceilings, coffee, doughnuts and, eventually, other breakfast foods.

The county ended up passing an ordinance restricting nude entertainment businesses later that year, but it was too late to stop Debbie’s.“We couldn’t deny it,” former Larimer County Commissioner Daryle Klassen said.

“The zoning was in place for a doughnut shop.”After opening day in late July, headlines simply read “Debbie Duz It.” Its first day in business was a spectacle, as news cameras panned the dusty parking lot just outside of the then-sleepy college town.

Flipping through old letters, pictures and newspaper articles, Cortese now talks about his inventions, grandkids and his life with his second wife, Deborah.

As long as you keep a good record, you’ll never be without work.

The community and county’s response to it all played out on the pages of the newspaper — in notices about a Debbie Duz NOT hotline for concerned citizens to call, in a full-page ad purchased by 200 residents and local businesses against the idea and in the letters to the editor either condemning or defending Cortese and his rights.