Start Android example of updating textview

Android example of updating textview

On the server, I use Entity Framework to connect to a SQL Server behind with following structure Like other RESTful service, I have to support basic actions for creating/reading/updating/deleting.

They are based on the Tesseract OCR Engine (mainly maintained by Google) and Leptonica image processing libraries.

To make things easy, and for you to have a better understanding, I have uploaded a simple application on OCR that makes use of Tess Two on Github called Simple Android OCR (for beginners).

For example the code of All Products Activity looks like following You know that I come from Visual Studio therefore I would like to keep code structure as same as possible in Java environment.

In on Create() function, I make an initialize Components() function where I initialize the references to all of controls I would like to access later.

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There are two functions for handling POST action in the controller.