Start Android phone not updating exchange calendar

Android phone not updating exchange calendar

20e11a7 : Add missing thread state change to k Waiting For Check Points To Run 84dc99d : Trim reference tables when we trim the heap 8ee9643 : Add a way to change the IMT size 56bf0c7 : Disable stack mprotects when running on valgrind bd81854 : Quick compiler: handle embedded switch data.

e5477f8 : Fail queries fast if no DNS servers are configured. e4ae96f : Revert "Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL" d84897d : Revert "Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support" 189ac9f : Revert "Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group" 8bf7353 : Revert "Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations" 8b952f5 : Revert "Fix mips build" 86fdf8f : Revert "Fix symbol lookup order during relocation" b9f21a0 : Revert "Fix arm64 and arm builds." 9d3382d : Revert "Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL" 69c5d10 : Revert "Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support" 00dce52 : Revert "Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group" eae0977 : Revert "Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations" 4402804 : Revert "Fix mips build" f947be2 : Revert "Fix symbol lookup order during relocation" 494bee7 : Revert "Fix arm64 and arm builds." d18f4b2 : Ensure we initialize stdin/stdout/stderr's recursive mutexes. 976402c : Fix symbol lookup order during relocation bf3d5ef : Fix mips build 6442dbd : Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations fd2747b : Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group 4d0c1f6 : Correct way to specify additional dependencies 382e06c : Add dlfcn_test to glibc test suite.

432f645 : Fix flockfile(3) and friends for stdin/stdout/stderr too. 4a50d8e : bionic: libc: Added path to vendor build properties file. e4bc6f0 : Ignore DT_BIND_NOW (0x18) 1d3e81a : Resolve "unused DT entry" warnings for x86_64 c87f65d : Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support 210ff1b : Fix mips build 0f47d9c : Fix unused DT entry warnings. 748fbe5 : Fix a couple more cases of missing CLOEXEC. 86d16a0 : Clean up the architecture-specific makefiles. 22e2c9d : Fix mips signed/unsigned signal_build breakage.

7dd7261 : Work around relocated corruption bfb2158 : Fill resolved static fields during class initialization efb9f85 : ART: Fix Image Space error message.

ea66864 : Make Object Registry:: Internal Add GC safe 02ccfa4 : Remove failure to create 7989d22 : Fix 64 bit build a6b2aff : Remove failure to create 1fb463e : Optimize method linking 2ff973c : [native bridge] Make sure we always unload the native bridge b57535d : [native bridge] Add test to verify code_cache existance. Resume command c63a505 : Fix concurrent start bytes race 0133ec4 : Fix concurrent start bytes race 250e372 : Fixed debugger for threads attached from JNI 96664ad : Avoid strict-aliasing problems with Handles.

ce92b41 : cdefs.h: add artificial attribute to FORTIFY_SOURCE functions b5e7eba : Work around a bug in Immersion's lib Imm Emulator 24a365f : Force export symbols on all x86 variants in libc.

db408bf : further cleanup memcpy fortify implementation 7ad2147 : string.h: remove unused variable 04f5f41 : Fix gdb could not get shared library list issue 1cd0c67 : L-MR1 specific fixes 7d971ec : Fix unload of recursively linked library f4cb631 : Add IFUNC support for arm64 and IRELATIVE reloc ef1306d : Refactoring: C 11 style DISABLE_ bionic marcos 61c4147 : Reset enviroment for math_tests ae69a95 : Load libraries in breadth-first order c0133a7 : Revert "Load libraries in breadth-first order" 8de1dde : Fix order of soinfo links (repairs libcxx tests). 8002104 : Add O_CREAT option for open a72512c : Add O_CREAT option for open f59b994 : Add basic navigation controls to log viewer.

c0440f6 : ART: On shutdown, only warn on mutex contention 90a3359 : Fix exception handling during deoptimization 2397ad7 : Allow preopted apps to have sharpened calls for non-x86 architectures. Resume on partial suspension 797a29b : Fix sigchainlib's implementation of sigaction 0b1b135 : Mute common case Dex Dex Opt Needed log spam 56e7666 : ART: Fix divide-by-zero for ARM 246a013 : ART: Do not JNI abort on nullptr Get Object Ref Type 4489369 : ART: Use interpret-only for vm Safe Mode 634d58a : Pass the real capacity to Create Ros Alloc.

92fbd28 : Use correct handle scope offset from Stack Visitor aa3eff9 : ART: Curb dex2oat verbosity 7f418db : JDWP: fix breakpoint for method in the image b34d505 : Fix infinite loop in Generate Identity Hash Code 12f7423 : Print more info in Mark Sweep:: Verify Root 15a33b3 : ART: Simple structural class check e7227c6 : Fix wide volatile IGET/IPUT on ARM without atomic ldrd/strd. 8a9f004 : ART: Do not compile swap file functionality on Mac d6bd06c : Fix running out of temps when storing invoke-interface result.

3f735bd : dex2oat: Pack likely-dirty objects together when generating the boot image c5d085c : Fix zygote space and non moving space map names 9601abf : Quick compiler: fix x86 special identity 4b8b469 : Fix transitive equality error in set.

9433ec6 : ART: Track Flush & Close in Fd File 474123d : Do not try to sharpen super calls to abstract methods.

5054e1a : Fix 32-bit arm unwinding through signal frames. de01780 : Add file_offset parameter to android_extinfo c712cee : Make memory_order_acquire visible in global namespace f4ada9c : Return total footprint, not high water mark.