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Examination of the feces demonstrates that their food has been only partially digested.

They have extremely powerful jaws and associated muscles to crunch through the woody stems of bamboo.

Each hand bears a specialized metacarpal bone in the wrist that functions as a thumb would in humans, to allow them to grasp the circular bamboo stalks.

The Atlanta Rowing Club offers two different types of learn to row courses per year. To ensure individual attention, each session is limited to 18 participants, so early sign-up is strongly encouraged.

Hooch Dates 2017 Head of the Hooch Regatta: November 4-5, 2017. Regatta Volunteer Registration begins Oct 1, 2017 @am.

A member checked out for Level 1 sculling can expect to continue participating with coached programs to further their rowing skills…

How To Join Atlanta Rowing Club In order to join Atlanta Rowing Club, you need to have significant prior rowing experience or have completed a Learn To Row program.

While other herbivorous animals, such as antelope, zebras, or rabbits, have very long digestive tracts, the giant panda retains an essentially bear-like digestive tract.