Start Begin dating again

Begin dating again

Before you begin a new relationship, make sure that you are able to put your old one behind you.

When they were happy and settled in a relationship, stories of my misadventures in romance (of which I have many) were amusing to them.

Now that they’re on the other side, though, my anecdotes are slightly more terrifying.

You’re older, wiser, and perhaps a bit more cynical about the ways of the heart.

When speaking with friends who are recently coming out of long-term relationships, it’s been interesting to see how their comments and questions about my dating life do a flip.

Metaphorically speaking, that sea should be full of fish, but it won’t seem that way. The idea of beginning again, of building up years worth of memories, inside jokes, trust, and plans for the future, can feel like yet another wave threatening to crush you.

Of course the ultimate goal is to grow old with the man of your dreams, but for now, just try aiming for a date with a guy who makes you laugh.

This will also help you figure out if you are able to trust your partner as the relationship becomes more serious.