Start Bfhq not updating

Bfhq not updating

As announced on Twitter the BF2Hub team has released a new interface to view your Battlefield 2 statistics (BFHQ) online.

I’ve been hunting and pecking for nuggets of info for Battlefield 2 and haven’t found a single source that has everything.

The options are self-explanatory but in case you need help visit the 2F4guide to BF2Hub.

Internet Filters, select the "Ranked" checkbox and click "Apply Filters" as described on » this screenshot.

It is obviously made with the good old bf2s page in mind so it should be easy for you to understand the basic values.

On our request BF2Hub confirmed that they will enhance the online interface with further features continuously.

BF2Hub released v1.6 of the BF2Hub Client for auto-update and to their website download page.

This version improves usability and enhances the BF2Hub Client with several new features.

Battlefield 2 invades the high-tech frontlines of modern warfare.