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Thus, several hours after initial tracer administration the scintigraphic images depict an equilibrated pattern.

During this redistribution phase, Tl-201 enters the myocardium from the systemic pool (input) and it leaves the myocardium (output or washout).

The difference between the input and output is reflected in the net myocardial washout rate.

It is helpful to leave the patient’s IV access intact during the post-stress imaging process.

When the stress image is done, administer the patient’s reinjection dose, then remove the IV.

Image quality, of course, is dependent on a good count rate, which in turn depends on the amount of Thallium injected.

Unless your patients are all males under 150 lbs., the 3 m Ci stress dose may not yield the counting statistics or image quality physicians have grown accustom to since the development of Technetium tracers.

Assuming that adequate time has been allowed for the ultimate redistribution pattern to be established, Tl-201 defects may be categorized as reversible, nonreversible (fixed) or as exhibiting reverse redistribution.