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"I then released and watched as my urine flowed into the bowl guided by her loving hand.

I struggled for some time until it was either go in my pants or call for help. Mom must have been nearby because I had only called out for her once when I heard her coming down the hall. " she asked as she entered the bathroom."Well I hate to bother Mom, but I can’t get my pants down and I have to pee." I responded.

She smiled a loving smile and said, "ok honey, I can help you."With that she slowly put her fingers inside my waistband and pulled them down.

This particular day however, I could not get my shorts off and time was getting urgent.

The waist band was too tight and I couldn’t get my thumbs between it and my body.

Ako nastavite dalje znači da to činite svojom voljom, ujedno oslobađajući kreatore web stranice ili provajdera bilo kakve odovornosti.

A LITTLE HELP FROM MOTHER     I guess every boy jerks off.

She was the only other person in the house to help.

My father had run off with a younger woman a couple of years earlier and I lived alone now with my mom.

"Mom I could still use some help." I said."Davy, I think you should go first and then I’ll help you back on with your shorts." She said bashfully."But with my penis hard, I can’t aim it to the toilet. It was the first time I had been touched by a woman and it felt fantastic, even if it was my mom.

I purposely held off my stream to savor the moment until she finally looked at me and said "Well?

For me it was a daily routine, if not numerous times a day. I was feeling horny one night and I instinctively began touching myself. I played all the sports and worked out constantly, in one form or another. My physic was solid and I had nice facial features and bright blue eyes to match.