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Catherine wreford dating

Even today, no one seems completely certain where the line between reality and fiction exists in this movie.

In the movie, Goldblum takes the job so his new Canadian girlfriend (Catherine Wreford) can get her visa by working in professional theater.

Taking the job as the iconic huckster Higgins, a part Goldblum initially seems wrong for, he side steps his managers and agents who seem concerned that regional musical theater is a step down for the movie star.

Here are 5 worth checking out before checking out Popstar this weekend.

The first time Woody Allen truly took complete authorial control also happens to remain one of his silliest films ever.

Playing themselves, rising star Coogan is desperate to prove himself more than just the funny guy in movies.

So he takes a part in an English period piece based on a piece of classic literature.

The hilarious movie written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, who co-star with comic Jonny Brugh as multigenerational flat mates in the months leading up to the annual vampire ball.

Besides their everyday real world lifestyle, they also befriend a new vampire and his human friend, and fight with neighborhood werewolves.

Playing a documentary director named Albert Brooks, he’s looking for the quintessential American family to document morning and night (with a camera that looks like something out of Star Wars).

The family he finds are the upper-middle class Yeagers, a veterinarian, his wife and their two kids.

While the movie within the movie is included, the dominate story focuses on the combative relationship between Coogan (playing the prized lead role of Tristram Shandy) and Rob Brydon (playing Uncle Toby) who insists he’s a co-lead.