Start Celiac dating online

Celiac dating online

This was the first of many lessons I have learned about what living with celiac really means for her.

Yes it may be a cute gesture, but we’d kill to eat normal food! Cooking in the safety of our own gluten-free kitchen makes us practice our skills!

Yes we will probably be cooking two separate meals, but hey that just means we get to monogram our set of pots and pans! Although I was not born with it, I was diagnosed my junior year of high school.

I also want to thank God for my mom who helped me transition to the gluten-free lifestyle when I was diagnosed junior year of high school.

She almost lost her life the day I was born due to not knowing she had celiac sprue disease.

That can take a lot of fun out of the dining experience.

To make things worse, even restaurants that have gluten-free options might not have anything that she wants to eat.

And do not ask us in a snarky tone, or a voice that makes it sound like this diet lifestyle is a joke.