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More accurate is that most Uruguayans are disadvantaged men and women whose aspirations are caged by limited education, a sluggish economy and low paying work.

He has two Uruguayan ‘romanticos’ named Miguel and Ricky who live outside Punte del Este.

The setting sounds ideal for romance and relaxation.

It is an international port of call for round-the-world sailing yachts.

In the village are casual cafes with rich croissants, an Internet venue, tourist and travel services and a range of eateries from Macdonald’s to haute.

They were immediately drawn together, and after some words Carlo invited Miguel to ‘go for a swim’.

Subsequently, they have seen each other a few times, in Uruguay mostly, and once in Buenos Aires for a weekend.

The charge of life is gentle here: clean air, frequent sunshine, long sand-duned beaches and, more importantly to gay and lesbian visitors, a relaxed atmosphere away from the more formal strictures of Buenos Aires.