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Consolidating email

Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic mail app, but also a very capable calendar and reminders app.

If you’re trying to be productive from your phone, this can sometimes be cumbersome.

Handle is clean and very easy to use, but those three main features seem slightly more disconnected than with the other apps on this list.

For instance, Handle doesn’t recognize dates in emails to quickly add to the calendar, plus the calendar doesn’t have an immediately available shortcut to create a new event from anywhere.

Gmail is also the only email service supported here and no third-party file options are available either for attachments. On the flip side, if you genuinely wanted an app that combines email, to-do and calendar all in one and nothing more, the lack of bells and whistles in Handle may put it at an advantage. Inbox by Gmail is one of the most unique mail apps in the App Store.

It “bundles” similar emails like promotions, purchases and personal letters into reverse chronological groups.

However, the message reveals little quoted text, so who knows exactly what you wrote three months ago. Windows 10 developers must have had this situation in mind when they made grouping conversations the default in Mail for Windows 10, but some users prefer not to use the conversation feature.

Windows 10 Mail is preconfigured for Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, i Cloud and Yahoo Mail, and other email clients can be added.

So here are four i OS apps that combine email, calendar, and to-do/reminders into lightweight but powerful packages.