Start Dating an aussie man

Dating an aussie man

I've been told that I’d ‘do a lot better with blokes if I didn’t have so many opinions’.

I used to live in Dubai, where abortion is illegal and being gay is punishable by death, so it wasn't like I was shocked.

When I then brought up the fact that many women balance having a career with having children, he said that ‘those kinds of women should seriously question whether they should be a mother at all, as that’s just selfish’. I’m now with an English guy and, I’ve got to say, it’s a relief that I now don’t have to go on any disastrous dates with Australian guys. At any given party, you’ll most likely find the men and women decamped into two separate groups.

The men will be outside, crowded round the barbecue or some machinery, while the women will be sat around a table or in the lounge together, usually with the children.

I’ve witnessed that kind of thing here in Australia as many times as I saw a covered face over there.