Start Dating an unattractive girl

Dating an unattractive girl

Dependency, low self worth.” 4) “Women who wear clothes that are too short for their body shapes and show off more than needs to be seen – leave a little to the imagination!

Long nails – I don’t like it when you are talking to women and notice there nails are the size of coat hooks!

Fake nails are fine just don’t make them look like hooks!

Someone who thinks she’s too good for me without having taken the time to get to know me.

One of the things that bugs me most is the expectation of what a guy should do.

Loads of tattoos and piercings, a few tasteful tattoos or piercings are fine and as much as I’m not a tattoo/piercing person, some do look nice, but having them plastered all over your face is just a no.” 5) “Hairy arms and farting! Also when girls preen themselves on dates constantly ie. Also, girls that dress badly too – like really short skirts on a first date.” 7) “Needy, clingy, constantly suspicious, vain, needlessly unconfident, no ambition, shallow.

Not independent, relationship is the main part of her life – sacrifices friends and family to obsess over relationship, stalkerish qualities.” 8) “If it’s tinder specific, the second I see all the photos are selfies in front of mirrors…

Also, getting ratty at that special time of the month and seemingly managing to blow everything out of all proportions. Bad hygiene is a definite U-turn – bad breath, bad teeth or excessive hair.