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Dating freak hot

Of course, there’s the downside of seeing him check out his flexed biceps beside every mirror, hogging the mirror to check his butt (but THAT you might not mind), and of course, the fatal farewell to delicious, sinful, and decadent food!

Being a 'freak' is a way of being, not something you 'do'.

But yeah , umm , nope hmm I got about going to the local sex shop and browsing around , I'm sure something will come up (no pun intended, well maybe pun intended!

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this just asks the question of "how many lovers do you really need!!! One of you could be the Dungeon Master and the other two could go adventuring.

So the next time he looks ever-so-lovingly into your eyes, remember that he is just seeing if his post-workout glow is still on his cheeks! It will be oatmeal and muesli for breakfast If you didn’t know fab figures and bad*ss bods came from 90% strict food habits and 10% workout – duh uh – what are you doing dating a fitness freak, anyway!

Not only is he going to give you oatmeal and muesli for the rest of your life whilst you bid adieu to the happy honey/maple syrup-topped pancake breakfasts, he will throw out the munchies, make you down protein shakes, and other equally yucky healthy concoction,s and perhaps, give you some egg whites, brown bread sandwiches, salads, soup and crackers for meals!

With your new ‘fit’ partner around, going to bed after 11 will be a rarity and not waking up with the sun, a crime.