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We did visit Falkenhagen in 2001 but, considering the size of the complex, the tour was short with little time to take more than a cursory look at the site.

Chlorine tri-fluoride was discovered by Ruff & Krug in 1930.

This also meant, of course, that it could be stored in artillery shells and bombs.

In contact with materials other than iron, chlorine tri-fluoride causes burns and generates flames, thus making it ideal for use against pillboxes or personnel in protective clothing. It was initially planned to use it against filter units, for instance on the Maginot Line, where trials were carried out.

As usual the visit was co-ordinated by Mike Barton, one of our most active members living in Germany, Mike was able to arrange official access to the sites and it was nice to have a key to the front gate at Falkenhagen so we were able to drive right into the centre of the complex hidden deep in woodland.