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“My opinion is that going solo may not work in our advantage in Mumbai though we should work for a better seat-sharing formula like a if not a straight ,” said a senior BJP minister.

The New-Delhi based Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization mandates that every urban city must supply around 135litres daily for every person.

While the volume supplied to Thane presently is just enough to suffice the mandated requirements, activists and residents here complain of much lesser volume of waters being supplied.

The subtext at the meeting will be uneasy alliance with the Shiv Sena in the light of the latter hardening its stance against its ally again, over a wide range of issues from Ganesh Pandey sexual harassment case to Uttarakhand politics.

In Pune and Nashik, preliminary indications are that the parties will fight these civic polls separately.

Many filmstars had participated in the celebration.

The government needs to initiate action against the hotel for wastage of water at a time when several districts of the state are facing acute drought,” he said.

Each Thaneite gets 145 litre per day, much lesser than Mumbai Manoj Badgeri The civic administration’s near-zero planning and capacity building for storage and conservation of water has deepened the crisis for the 20-lakh plus denizens who are left with dry taps for three days a week and receive least water as compared to the neighbouring cities of Mumbai, Kalyan-Dombivli, Ulhasnagar activists said.