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Definition of accommodating female

Under a “disparate treatment” theory of liability, as alleged by Young, an aggrieved employee must show that she has been intentionally discriminated against.

Although the amended Act did not apply in Young’s case because it became effective after her case was filed, both the majority opinion and one of the dissenting opinions recognized the 2008 expansion of that law.

The law of pregnancy accommodation is becoming more complex, leading some lawmakers and advocates to call for clarity with a federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

But what is a “significant burden,” and what is a “sufficiently strong” reason for imposing it?

An employee may persuade a court that a significant burden exists by providing evidence that the employer accommodates a large percentage of non-pregnant workers while failing to accommodate a large percentage of pregnant workers.

UPS informed Young that she could not work because the company required drivers in her position to be able to lift parcels weighing up to 70 pounds.

As a result, Young was placed on leave without pay and subsequently lost her employee medical coverage.

There is also evidence that providing accommodations is good for business – it reduces employee turnover and absenteeism and boosts employee morale and productivity.

Indeed, during the course of the litigation, UPS voluntarily changed its accommodation policy, even while maintaining that it was not required to do so by law.

Employers can make sure that they’re on the right side of the law by taking the following steps: Most businesses already provide accommodations to pregnant women because they understand that it is in their best interest, and the best interest of their employees, to do so.

The time has come for those who have not already complied to get on board.

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