Start Diana taurasi dating

Diana taurasi dating

I've also heard that they have been to the once a month Girl4Girl dances.

If, say, Janel Mc Carville was one of the top players in the league, it might be a different story.[/QUOTE]Don't forget Katie Smith's longtime gf Shannon "Pee Wee" Johnson? She seemed very comfortable at the Season Ticket Holder party last year at the Zoo taking her picture with countless lesbians who were drooling over her. Some people think it's Susie Jarosch, her manager and a former Storm employee while others think it's her "best friend" from Korea, Dana.

But in recent years, it seems that they've stayed away from that sort of thing.

They don't pimp out the straight players any more than the gay players.

It's pure shit because in their delusional minds every woman is waiting to get laid by them or a frat brother. Anyways after one of the parties, rumors spread that I messed around.