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Dirty cams no sign ups free

Philadelphia’s reputation as one of the filthiest cities in the nation is old and well-deserved. If you live on a residential block, the city’s Streets Department will hook you up with a trash can if you call 215-685-3968. Two, the block captain must commit to maintaining the garbage can and keeping it clean.

One block did, and Mural Arts helped out with a mural and with flower planting, landscaping and a community message board. (Return to top.) Oftentimes, illegal dumpers come from outside your neighborhood and leave trash behind. It’s unlikely the city will catch them in the act and write a ticket.

(Return to top.) This option can be costly, so it isn’t for everyone.

But a garbage disposal makes it a lot less likely you’ll be stuck with food scraps that just stink too bad to stay in the house until trash day. (Return to top.) Sometimes, you just can’t keep a bag of trash inside until garbage day.

The Streets Department only issued 544 citations for illegal dumping last fiscal year in all of Philadelphia.