Start Ezine updating software

Ezine updating software

Because of this Ezine Articles gets a lot of traffic and your articles can be pulled up in internal search many times.

id=141082 – note the photo isn’t usually part of the resource box, you only see it when you view the article at Ezine Articles.

The greater majority of authors never make it beyond single figure article counts, with the prolific writers enjoying the most significant traffic rewards because they publish many articles, but only a handful of authors are like this.

I am part of the minority in this case, having reached 20 article submissions, which I hear from “word on the street” is around the mark when you start to get good results (it’s not a “hard” rule).

In the resource box the author leaves a link or two along with a couple of sentences.

Other webmasters and publishers are allowed to reprint the article on their own websites, newsletters or blogs, as long as they keep the resource box intact.

Those of you who are copywriters or regular bloggers will be well aware that the title of your articles has the most impact on how often your article is read.

The same of course applies in article marketing but it also impacts whether your article is republished.

I briefly tested with two other article directories, both of which had an inferior interface and less traffic than Ezine Articles.