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Females looking for facetime sex

I point blank refused, genuinely scared of what people might think of me, so I dressed as a vampire instead.

Here let me show you..." Ruby was wearing a dazzling cheerleader outfit, pleated pink skirt, matching stockings bra and, I gasped, ruffled pink panties. "It would be an honour, you're so sexy and gorgeous, Ruby and you have a cock to die for." "I love these compliments your giving me Davina, maybe we should take this upstairs? When Ruby's hands interlocked with mine and I could breathe in her heady perfume and feel the faintest touch of her pleated skirt against my stockinged thighs I felt drunk with desire.

When he/she lifted up the skirt I spotted an enormous erection. " It was a monster size cock and I could feel the room spinning. I know most sissies only have small cocks - Carla told me yours is about five inches? Your wife gave me a spare key earlier." "Oh Ruby, I'd love that. I've never kissed another man, sorry, another crossdressing sissy before, and your lips look so enticing in that sky blue lip gloss." Ruby smiled, licked her lips and said..."These sultry things you mean? " "Oh fuck, yes, yes, Ruby I really do." We were standing only a few feet apart now. And when he pulled me close and I could feel our hardened cocks pressing into each other through our silky feminine panties I felt a ton of precum ejeculate onto my wife's cobalt blue knickers.

I still had on the blue stockings with the line down the back of them. She stood up when she'd finished and gave me a little twirl. " "I think there's going to be a plethora of men in the bar who, given half a chance, will want to fuck my naughty wife tonight." Carla's underwear was turning me into a proper little sissy cuckold. "Oh fuck, now that kind of talk coming out of my husband's mouth is really turning me on. Josh, can you take over on the front desk please," Carla continued addressing a big hunky guy who looked like a male model.

It was a struggle to put it on, but after I did I noticed the suspender clips that went with it.

I took a long hot shower and made a firm resolution never to do anything so perverse again. When it opened I dropped the towel that was wrapped around my waist. OH DON'T BE UPSET HUBBY, THE HEN PARTY GOT A LITTLE BIT OUT OF HAND. I was still angry, but Carla's response made me feel a little better. The image of my sexy wife with some other guy's cum all over her dress was sordidly arousing. I looked at the picture of Carla again covered in the stripper's cum. I picked up Carla's purple panties and slid them on once more. I went to the wardrobe and picked out a slutty looking basque that Carla had worn to a Halloween party last year.

I hadn't counted on Carla's ability to wrap me round her finger, or rather her curvaceous ass. Carla was lying on a bed in her gorgeous, slinky knee-length black dress with her curvaceous panty-clad ass waving at the camera. In the frame of the picture, a bulging cock was dribbling with cum. And looking at her sexy ass in those gorgeous panties made me yearn to be in her position. Immediately I felt that wonderful sensual pleasure I'd experienced for the first time the previous evening. It's funny, if I remember rightly, she wanted me to wear it and a pair of her panties and stockings.

I awoke the next morning still dressed in Carla's purple panties, stockings and matching bra.