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Free chat seks online kuala lumpur

The government is keen to promote medical tourism to overseas patients, and takes a great interest in ensuring its facilities and services are top-notch. Kuala Lumpur is one of the top tourist locations in the world.

Try to use a machine that is in your hotel or attached to the bank as there have instances of credit card skimming.

Even when you are in a hotel keep all your valuables in a hotel safe, under lock and key.

When you do your booking through Medical Departures you can be sure we’ve checked out the background of all the clinics, hospitals and doctors that we list on our website.

We investigate the qualifications, experience and accreditations; pay personal visits to the facilities and take the time to collect real patient reviews.

You can opt to stay either close to your hospital/clinic or or near tourist attractions or other amenities.

For those who like the convenience and familiarity of chain hotels, KL has the Marriot, Traders Hotel, Shangri-La, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Sheraton and others.

However, while we can arrange for your surgeon to see you again, we cannot pay for additional flight and accommodation costs, and we advise for complete peace of mind you take insurance in case of medical complications.

This is a small price to pay for your own peace-of-mind.

Avoid going alone in the night and traversing deserted areas.

In Malaysia you have to be careful when you use your credit or debit card or withdraw money from an ATM.

As a medical tourist destination it is becoming increasingly popular - thanks to contemporary facilities, skilled clinicians and, of course, affordable prices.