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Free granny sites in ireland

The biggest problem is in the Irish Republic, where 22 per cent of 15 and 16-year-olds abuse solvents. Ecstasy and amphetamine use are falling - apart from among clubbers - and fewer than two per cent of teenagers have tried cocaine and heroin.

Why they love it: Kate loves writing, designing knitting patterns, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surrounds her. Why we love it: Nancy believes that knitting doesn't need to be complex. For her, a fun approach and always remembering that it's only a hobby is the key.

Knitting is a great way to relax, unwind and to relieve some stress.

Why we love it: Dana shares her beautiful knitted projects along with stories of her life. Find Yards of Happiness on Instagram Why they love it: Julie loves cozy knits, international travel and cooking.

She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round-ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life.

Glue sniffing may have slipped down the list of worries for parents but it is a bigger killer of teenagers than hard drugs, experts warn.

Although cocaine and ecstasy have a higher profile, inhaling solvents is still a major problem, new research suggests.

She decided to continue to nourish her passion for knitting & spinning via her blog.

You can find her writing, photographing, knitting, spinning, and sharing about fiber arts.

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Why we love it: Tin Can Knits has clearly written patterns, beautiful photography and heartfelt stories. Knitting for her is a way of showing others, that knitting will never be a waste of time, especially if you’re knitting with love.

Why they love it: Lisa's wanted to create a comprehensive resource for discovering special yarn products and learning about the people behind the dye pots, spinning wheels and sewing machines, and to build a community for those who love yarn and fiber as much as she does.