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It gives students a strong, Biblical foundation on which to build their lives in the image that God has wisely designed for them.

It is interesting that the word “heart” is used here.

This term is often used to refer to that deep, sacred place I spoke of earlier. And this is a process of spiritual change and growth.

Etiquette is also studied so that we can explore ways to prefer one another with honor (Romans ).

Raising a standard for character and integrity in each student is foremost throughout this practical guide to Christian interactions CHURCH HISTORY Students will review the lives of some of the historical church leaders and events surrounding them to gain an appreciation for the successes and failures that have shaped the present day church.

We can actually lose the desire for those things we thought were so important to us through this process of change.

We grow spiritually stronger—and strong is very, very good.

A chapter-by-chapter review of the book of 1 Corinthians.

This is to give students Scriptural background of the lifestyle of the early church and how those principles are exercised in today's church society.

This is taught to teach deeper biblical principles on the subject of the deity of Jesus Christ and how he changes us once he is received through salvation.

The focus of this teaching is to impart the idea that the Adamic mind can be renewed into the mind of Christ and that the believer can live the Christ life from day to day.

Emphasis is given to the messages preached, the points made, and how the Holy Spirit manifested in the formation of the early Church.