Start Free sexchatting no email required

Free sexchatting no email required

Different colors need to be optional since i can and will be banned for using the color yellow or any of the others i listed above. Read Full Review I remember my first time finding 321chat and wondering how you make your name green!

Just a few of the more common misperceptions: As a child you are below the age of consent.

Read Full Review Written on: 02/09/2013 Interesting review.

We shall take all points and deal with them accordingly.

This is so for a reason, the law protects children against adult sexuality.

A child is all too easy to influence, dominate, manipulate or control.

I like that it helps me with my typing skills, too.

I very much recommend 321chat but more so, their senior chat room. Read Full Review The chat room itself is pretty decent. The color choices for text need to be updated since the mods don't like the people in the chat room to use colors such as; yellow, bright blue, light gray, or white.

From a very early age children are taught that the adults have all the power and that they don’t have the right to say no to anything anyway.