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A rental car used by some of the hijackers was parked at Logan’s garage facilities once on Sept. A tale which quickly spread after the hijackings was that actor James Woods had noticed four men “of Middle Eastern appearance” acting strangely on a flight he made from Boston to Los Angeles a week before the hijackings, but when he reported his suspicions, they were not taken seriously: Woods took a flight from Boston to Los Angeles one week before the World Trade Center attacks.

During the entire cross-country flight none of them had anything to eat or drink, nor did they read or sleep.

They only sat upright in their seats, occasionally conversing with each other in low tones.

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During the entire six-hour flight, Woods noticed the men neither ate nor drank.

They talked to each other in whispers and did not read or sleep.

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Actor James Woods was so shaken by a flight he took from Boston to Los Angeles about a month before the attacks that he told an attendant and authorities of his suspicions when he landed.