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After two hours of searching around I had to bite the bullet and rent a car for THREE times more money that what I made my reservation for.

We ended having to find our own car at other place.

This was the worst car rental experience of my life, will never use budget in my life again. They did upgrade me to a van type vehicle but was stick shift.

The budget agent at the airport said that even though we had a reservation, he did not have a car for us.

He suggested other questionable car rental places at a much higher price.

I made a reservation a week in advance for an economy car to pick it up at La Aurora Airport in Guatemala.

I called them as my making my way there to pick up the car, they pulled up my reservation and they said "Sorry, we don't have cars." I told the person on the phone that I had made a reservation a week in advance and that I needed the car, she replied "sorry, we don't have cars".

Tikal is the largest uncovered city of the Mayan civilization dating back more than 2,000 years.

Of the thousands of known structures only a fraction have actually been uncovered by archaeologists.

The entire excavated site is made up of various pyramids, temples, palaces, plazas, and much more and is now one of the regions most popular tourist stops.

Occupied during the first thousand years of the Common Era, Quirigua was much smaller and younger than most Mayan civilizations.

However, it earns the same attention as the large ruins thanks to its impressive sculpture work present throughout the site.