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Hardcore chat nigeria

Appropriately, I got that name off the most recent 419 email I found in my spam folder.

But so many of the individual stories corresponded to one another, and the complex systems of scamming were too elaborate to have been made up on the spot.

Only most would say he met the wrong kind of people.

At his peak he was making as much as $50,000 per day as a freelancer hacking into bank systems, stealing social security numbers and credit cards, and exposing the Web’s deepest vulnerabilities for Nigeria’s “Yahoo boys,” called that because they were known for using Yahoo email addresses. We met my last day in Lagos; one of nearly a dozen interviews I did with current and reformed Yahoo boys in Nigeria.

I won’t detail how I got the meetings, because of the elaborate personal assurances of safety.

I’ve taken pains to disguise any details about the man whose name is obviously not really Ibrahim Boakye.

“Girls wanted to date us because we were smart,” one told me.

“We could get money out of white men using only our brains and a computer.” There was also the justification that this was some how a revenge for colonialism; when white men took Africa’s natural resources without consent.

Judging by the size of the snake, which appears to be almost a foot wide and several metres long, it looks like an anaconda.