Start Hepititis c dating sites

Hepititis c dating sites

Because of the lack of sufficient information, persons in long-term, monogamous relationships are not advised to change sexual practices.

If you choose not to be defined as just a guy with hep-c, then don't make this all about you and your hep-c.

I'm not sure why you think having the same disease automatically pre-qualifies any woman for a relationship with you. There could be other reasons you haven't found somone.

However, unlike many other blood borne viruses (like HIV) virtually any source of blood or blood products seems to be capable of carrying the virus, even if the source is indirect - like a used razor, for example.

This makes hepatitis C far more transmissible than most other blood borne viruses - including HIV.

Effective bloodscreening for the virus was developed and implemented by 1990, which lowered the rates of post-transfusion hepatitis to less than 5% from 1990-1993.

Since then, improved testing has led to drastic reductions in risk, down to less than 1% after 1993.

In more than 40% of all cases, the infected individuals cannot identify a source for their infection.