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They slowly seep into everyday lexicon, and in turn have a profound effect on general perceptions.

It's therefore no surprise that Essex County Council had a commitment written into its Public Service Agreement with the government to improve its public image between 20 ... And we know that, in order to do this, Essex needs to reclaim "Essex girl".

And yet here we are, still talking about negative stereotypes. To let the world know that it doesn't signify anything other than a girl who lives in Essex.

GEMMA COLLINS is a star of the ITV2 reality show The Only Way is Essex.

It is applied widely throughout the country and has gained popularity over time, dating from the 1980s and 1990s.

Their campaign centred around changing the definition of "Essex girl" to "a girl from or living in Essex" by encouraging women to use the hashtag #IAm An Essex Girl and included a petition to change or remove the dictionary definitions. The Essex Girl was referenced in 2017 in regard to a debate on Twitter about the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain, specifically noting "the wonderful couple from South Shields, Barates and Queenie (‘Regina’), he from Palmyra, she an Essex girl.

-------- "Unintelligent", "materialistic", "sexually promiscuous" and "devoid of taste".

to combat the negative stereotyping of girls living in Essex by supporting Essex-based women's charities helping those in need, as well as by funding projects that promote women and girl's learning and success in science, technology, the arts, sports and business.