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That’s just one reason why I am against imposing a sliding scale of charges for a doctor’s appointment.

The very idea is sick, sick, sick I’ve always thought it a shame that when Miss Polly’s dolly was sick, sick, sick, the doctor came quick, quick, quick, scolded her, failed to administer even a mild analgesic but nevertheless returned in the morning with a bill, bill, bill.

That comedy, we tell ourselves, must mask a hinterland of emotional trauma, ergo vulnerability – and, ladies, what’s there not to love about that?

Rarely the most handsome, the most sporty or the most popular, as youngsters they get through life by carving their own niche and as adults they have the useful (and/or immensely irritating) ability to make light of virtually every situation.

Here in Britain we have everything we could want from a holiday, now that supermarkets sell French sticks and chorizo and the sun is shining (I’m refusing to believe the heatwave is over).