Start Jackson rathbone who is he dating

Jackson rathbone who is he dating

We should leave and do something else.' I don't really know why." -Robert Pattinson"It sounds lame, but I was really concentrating on this job.

Jackson Rathbone had an affair with Sheila Hafsadi, they started dating in 2011.

He was born from American parents and was raised in Indonesia, Midland and Texas along with his family. Jackson Rathbone attended a college preparatory school named Trinity School located in Midland.

Later he joined a private school for the arts in Michigan Interlochen Arts Academy for his junior and senior years of high school and he majored in acting.

" -Jackson Rathbone"I got my butt kicked a few times by my sisters. My dad always taught me to treat my girlfriends the way I wanted my sisters to be treated by their boyfriends.