Start Kobe bryant sexual assault chat room

Kobe bryant sexual assault chat room

Cautiously consulting his notebook, the small-town cop said the woman admitted that she was excited when she learned Bryant - using the name Javier Rodriguez - was coming to the tony Lodge & Spa at Cordillera in nearby Edwards.

He contends the sex was consensual but faces up to life in prison if a jury doesn't agree.

"The testimony given by the detective was very damning to Kobe," said former Denver District Attorney Norm Early. Lakers' star guard would skip the hearing and head straight to trial, rather than allow prosecutors to lay out their case publicly for the first time.

it didn't really hit me that hard just because it was one site, so I thought, 'We live in the same town so maybe people just mix up the girls.' But after a couple of days it wasn't just on one site anymore. And a couple of days after that it was a dozen sites and then a couple of days after that it was even more," Lovell told Gibson.

Her family has hired an attorney who has written "cease and desist" letters to the Web sites to get them to remove the photos.

"He [Bryant] asked her if she had a boyfriend," the detective said.

"She said she didn't." 'Go clean up' Back in his room, she showed him a tattoo on her ankle but declined his offer to join him in the hot tub, Winters said.

"He began kissing her, kissing her mouth, kissing her neck, which she agreed to," the detective said.