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They fear that otherwise, risks of conflagration are too high, even if strikes are limited to the nuclear test facilities.

Lee admits that during his military years he believed in his duty to protect the dynastic dictatorship that has ruled North Korea for seven decades.

It uses supposed threat of attack by South Korea and the US to retain power and excuse its poverty and repression.

Lee, a former corporal in the 11th Storm Corps, says his former comrades have been trained to carry out Islamic State-style terror attacks.

The 37-year-old, who now works as a financial adviser in Seoul after defecting from the repressive regime in 2006, warns that if attacked, Kim Jong Un will respond very differently from Syria’s President Bashar Assad: ‘He is going to fight back and use all retaliatory measures.

Trump has sent a naval strike group, including an aircraft carrier and submarines, to the region.

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, responded by warning he is ‘ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US’.

North Korea has been secretly training elite special forces to kidnap Westerners from South Korea and hold them hostage in the event of any conflict.

If the United States attacks the so-called Hermit Kingdom, snatch squads armed with deadly nerve agents are poised to slip past South Korean border checkpoints to grab diplomats, tourists and foreign businessmen.

Last year alone it carried out two nuclear tests, 24 missile tests and the trial of a new high-thrust missile engine.

Experts fear the rogue regime is close to being able to strike the US mainland.

Elite units are trained to infiltrate South Korea by air, sea and through a network of tunnels built by forced labourers.