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Lesbian dating in katy texas

It’s a quirky, Bohemian gayborhood and a huge percentage of the city’s gay bars/clubs are located there.

I’ve lived just north of the Bayou City basically my entire life (about 20 years) and profess an undying love for its art and museum districts, as well as the diversity inherent in every aspect of it.

Yes, this is Texas, but Houston bucks many rules and gay-hating trends seen in other Southern cities.

After each 5 minute speed date, you will receive a text message directing you to your next date.

Unfortunately, we’re required to use them as the texting technology is not as sophisticated as human attraction.

So if the things that come to your mind when you think of H-town are NASA, oil, humidity and football – think again.

We rep the country’s first openly lesbian mayor (Annise Parker), one of the South’s biggest Pride celebrations and a whole host of hip, fun LGBT hangouts.

This is a great location for Sunday Funday and karaoke.

Though Venus is the new kid in town, this lesbian club is making a name for itself with its huge dance floor, nightly drink specials, fun drag shows and live music.

As a dog lover, I love that The Usual is animal-friendly and the dark, cozy ambiance inside is nice.

Lola’s Depot Lola’s is a dive in every sense of the word.

On really hot, crowded nights, they will blast everyone with super cool laser nitrogen jets, which feels amazing. Good ole JR’s has been around for years and is still going strong.