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Blue Coat's Web Pulse technology provides enterprise-grade protection free for your home.

From any Internet-equipped computer you simply log in to netgear.for full control of the product's configuration.

You can manually set it to block Web content in any of 54 categories or choose from five predefined filtering levels: High, Moderate, Low, Minimal or None.

Do I really want my kids diverted from porn to shopping?

Access for every PC, Mac, game console, phone, or other device that connects to the Internet through the Netgear router is filtered. Norton, and others, this product offers no option to warn kids about an inappropriate site without blocking it, or to simply log the violation.

A Netgear poll showed that although most parents believe parental control software is important, only 10 percent of them actually have it installed.

It's too expensive, they think, or too tough to install on multiple computers.

On each adult's computer you download and install a tiny user utility, then launch it and log into one of the bypass accounts.