Start Local sober dating sites

Local sober dating sites

And if you think you are ready to start dating, be sure to follow our guidelines for dating in recovery.

Two important aspects of this are finding a new group of people to hang out with and finding a living situation that will be supportive of your recovery.

Becoming sober will inevitably cost you a few friends as you realise that many of your relationships were based around using.

Whether you frequent online recovery communities to chat online, or browse sober online dating sites, there are tons of online resources and support forums for people in recovery.

If you plan to meet people from the internet in person, however, just be sure to exercise caution.

Living in a sober house after treatment has been proven to increase chances of a long-term recovery. Whether referred to as a , all of these names refer to a drug and alcohol-free community living environment that’s intended as a transitional living phase for those who’ve completed treatment at a residential rehab.

Each housing centre has its own set of rules and regulations, but most encourage (if not require) regular attendance of recovery meetings.

The better ones offer in-house counselling services or group meetings, among other activities that aid recovery.

The length of time that you may decide to stay in a sober house varies, but 30 to 90 days is often the recommended duration in order to reap the full benefits.

With no one at home to hold you accountable, and no one to distract you when you are experiencing cravings, you are at higher risk for relapse.

Which means you may want to consider finding a sober flatmate, or living in a sober house directly after your addiction treatment.

Of course not everyone you meet at the gym will be living sober, but someone who heads to the gym after a long day at work instead of a bar is more likely to have habits aligned with sober living.