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Manchester dating org

e Harmony is different from other Manchester dating sites.

Both Joy and David said they were looking for a partner who shared the same interests, in particular travel and music.

The Manchester dating scene is also one of the most exciting in the country.

Manchester may be a modern city, but its residents still have time for love.

‘I am so glad that my daughter pushed me to do this’ said Neil.

‘ We will keep you posted, who knows you may even get a wedding invitation soon!

A ‘happy ever after’ came as unexpected to Neil, a bank manager from Salford.

Neil was widowed 10 years ago and joined our introduction agency after being pushed by his daughter ‘I really joined to shut my daughter up and certainly didn’t expect to meet anyone that I would want to spend my life with.’ We introduced Neil to Joanna from Manchester, his third introduction, as they had so much in common… They were both professional, solvent and well educated.

But looking for love in Manchester is now easier with e Harmony.