Start Mathematica dynamic updating

Mathematica dynamic updating

So it might be that the options for Dynamic do not work for frontend variables or maybe the frontend function Dynamic does not have these options.

I use Mathematica 8 and am working with Dynamic Module.

I'm trying to enter a function in an Input Field then later apply it to two values entered in subsequent Input Fields.

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Few are here Here is a link to information about old Mathematica signal processing package.

That is a very interesting remark, and it could well be the explanation.

However, in all cases the contents of the Sliderbox is a Dynamic expression as in the kernel command, with the kernel variable x replaced with the frontend variable $Cell Context`x. Dynamic[x] fails without Refresh, but Dynamic[x 0] and Dynamic[1*x] work without. In these examples we have a non-atomic argument of Dynamic that evaluates to x. Could you post a question on this different behaviour of Dynamic?

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Quite often, objects make the notebook freeze, until a message appears notifying me that the Kernel is not responding to Dynamic Evaluation, as you can see in the following snapshot: This doesn't happen on direct evaluation of the , because sometimes closing and re-opening Mathematica brings things back to normal.

Sometimes even just quitting the kernel and retrying the evaluation is enough.

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