Start Mexican renter intimidating landlord

Mexican renter intimidating landlord

Let me guide you through a step-by-step process as you learn how to be assertive with difficult people and create the positive change you want.

Spindler bought the property in May of 1998 for $430,000; in September, she gave tenants an Ellis eviction notice (this is typical of most Ellis evictions: a real estate investor buys the rental units and immediately files an Ellis eviction to remove the units from the rental market).

For the sake of discussion let’s say that your neighbors are frequently rude or disrespectful to you and your family. So, let’s say that you don’t want to move away from the neighborhood and that what you REALLY want is to end the harassment and for your neighbors to talk in a respectful way to you and your family instead.

Now, since THIS is what you really want, you should make a conscious decision that everything you say or do from now on will move things toward this positive outcome …and furthermore, that everything THEY say or do ALSO becomes an opportunity for you to take things closer to that outcome.

It’s a little like saying, “My dog is misbehaving”.

You wouldn’t start right away by working on your dog’s “misbehavior” in general. The next thing to do has NOTHING to do with talking to them.

After you’ve imagined what a positive outcome might look like, you should then eliminate your anger, frustration and stress about the situation and feel calm, strong and confident about creating a positive change.

You can’t produce a positive outcome if you’re sitting on negative, angry or hostile feelings.

This research was developed by a team of volunteers who interviewed tenant attorneys, tenant rights activists, and tenants throughout the Bay Area and conducted background research (mostly on the web) on the landlords recommended by these people.