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If one twin is right handed the other twin is left handed, a twin with a birthmark on his left check will have a mirror twin with a birthmark on his right check.

In the case of mirror image twins however, DNA testing cannot distinguish between them.

Instead, a look at their different features and characteristics would be telling.

Though scientist continue to study the phenomenon of multiple births and why some factors happen in the womb, much about the creation of this type of twinning is still unknown and the probability of having identical twins seems to be random.

Identical twins always have the same sex and blood type.

The majority of twins are not the rare mirror image twins. Also known as dizygotic or non-identical, fraternal twins are created from the fertilization of two separate eggs by two separate sperms.

The resulting twins have half of the same DNA, the same as any other sibling, and may or may not have similar physical features.

But, the only way to tell for sure if a set of twins are fraternal or identical after birth (unless they're "mono-mono") is usually through genetic testing.

A cheek swab can be taken of both twins and a genetic profile will reveal whether or not the twins are a perfect match genetically.

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