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Nasty chatrooms

Things have got so bad in League of Legends' public chat rooms that Riot is shutting them down, the developer has announced.

For example, one recent study found game show contestants were less likely to vote off a contestant standing next to them than one standing further away [source: Dallas].

But here's an unexpected consequence: Lobbing snarky comments online -- even if no one knows your real identity -- could be bad for your health.

Last year it released a video calling on players to employ sportsmanlike behaviour - and released statistics to show it's in their best interest.

The free-to-play MOBA, which pits two teams of five players head-to-head in competitive multiplayer matches, is often criticised for the behaviour of its gargantuan player base, despite Riot's best efforts to improve the situation.

It's an accomplishment to reach Olympic-level competition.

But when British diver Tom Daley didn't earn a medal at the 2012 Olympic games, he became the subject of Internet comments that were just plain mean.

The public chat rooms will be brought back "as soon as we can", Riot said.