Start Nepali dirty sex message

Nepali dirty sex message

Thanks to Nepali Times for bringing up this issue once again in front of our eyes.

During British rule, the area was an upper class red-light district.

It has since devolved into a den of overcrowded shanties and unmaintained buildings full of girls from nearly every South Asian country.

But though the city is the country's largest hub for media and film, foreigners who seek to cover sex slavery rarely have the support of local professionals. Many Mumbaikaars view foreign interest in the thriving sex trade as a conspiracy to perpetuate a false image of India as an undeveloped Third World country.

But they fail to understand that global media interest in Kamathipura does not stem from a desire to prove India's lack of development, but rather from wanting to shed light on one of the world's largest human rights violations the kidnapping and daily rapes of tens of thousands of girls.

We have forgotten this bitter reality that many of our Nepali sisters have been going through this hell each and everyday.

May be we cannot do anything for those who are already suffering this ordeal but still we can do something for those who are the possible victims.

This makes the stakes too high and the trade-offs too low for most people to truly become involved in fighting trafficking.

The only possible protection for Nepali girls at risk of kidnapping, daily rape, incarceration, and ultimately death from AIDS, is Nepal, the Nepali government and the Nepali people.

In Nepal, girls who are sent away are described as "girls who have gone to Mumbai to work", whereas in Mumbai, they are merely prostitutes.

The failure to identify these girls as what they are victims of kidnapping, rape, and slavery allows both sides to get away with not acknowledging the urgency of the cause and from taking responsibility for the crime.

It is a dirty word and also the name of the city's most shameful place and it remains so because nobody wants to talk about it and nobody wants to think about it.