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Researchers also found that the Mas Spec Pen was also able to identify cancer in marginal regions between normal and cancerous tissues that presented mixed cellular composition.

And speed is important because the longer a patient remains on the operating table, the greater their risk of getting an infection or reacting negatively to anesthesia.

For some types of cancers, frozen section analysis is extremely unreliable, yielding false results in as many as 20 percent of cases.

The metabolites are then drawn into the device and analyzed.

Within seconds, doctors will be able to tell from a computer screen whether or not the patient's tissue they just tested is cancerous or healthy.

A new device from the University of Texas Austin will be able to detect cancerous cells in a patient's tissue in a matter of seconds.

Once this has been done, a computer screen will inform doctors whether or not the tissue they are inspecting is cancerous Cells - both healthy and cancerous - produce metabolites.

But even this method for diagnosing is modern, as most pathology labs require several days to evaluate if cancerous cells remain in a patient's tissue after they have had a tumor removed during surgery.