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Philippines christian dating

The serious suitor or boyfriend visits the family of the woman he admires/courts or girlfriend in order to formally introduce himself, particularly to the lady's parents.

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Traditionally, some courtship may last a number of years before the Filipino woman accepts her suitor as a boyfriend.

Conservativeness, together with repressing emotions and affection, was inherited by the Filipino woman from the colonial period under the Spaniards, a characteristic referred to as the Maria Clara attitude.

This is when the formal introduction of the man's parents and woman's parents happens.

Apart from presents, the Cebuano version of the pamamanhikan includes bringing in musicians.

However, this type of admirer could overcome his shyness and naivety by asking for the help of a "tulay" (Filipino for "Bridge", whose role is similar to that of the Wingman in Western Cultures), typically a mutual friend of both the suitor and the admired, or a close friend of both families.